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Parent Education Academy Launches!

By: Gisela Angulo February 28, 2023

<strong>Parent Education Academy Launches!</strong>

Over 250 parents have joined our Parent Education Academies this Winter, 2023! In collaboration with the Parent Institute of Quality Education (PIQE), the Family Engagement Institute (FEI), and United Through Education – Familias Unidas, we welcomed the families this month into our programs. 

Participating families at the following schools: Downtown College Prep (DCP), Knowledge is Power (KIPP), Rocketship, Breakthrough Silicon Valley (BTSV), Mountain View – Los Altos Union School District (MVLA), and East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD), will be participating in our 8-week courses, to learn how to engage in their children’s academic journeys actively.

Some of our team joined Familias Unidas for the materials drive-thru in Redwood City. Families stopped by to receive new books and educational materials for their children to engage in reading, math, science, technology, and art activities during their upcoming classes! 

To learn more about our Parent Education Academies, click here. 

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