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Latina mother maintains critical role in daughter’s pursuit of higher education

By: HFSV September 20, 2021

Araceli Ortiz, a mother of two in east San Jose has involved herself and her children with the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley over the years through our Education Excellence initiative. While her daughters continue to excel in school, Araceli maintains a critical role as she educates herself on what it will take for her children to achieve a higher education.

On Saturday, May 18, 2019, the Hispanic Foundation caught up with Araceli at an event where her daughter, Stephanie Ortiz, was receiving a certificate of completion for our Elevate Math + program.

Below, Araceli shares with us, why she continues to stay involved with the Hispanic Foundation, how to have an active voice in school as a mother, and why she participates in our Parent Engagement Academy.

HFSV: Why was it important for you to get involved in our programs?

Araceli: Through the programs I learned how to help my daughter in school and at home. I learned about the process of going to a university and the steps I need to take to get her there.

HFSV: Why was it important to enroll Stephanie in programs like Elevate Math+?

Araceli: I am a mother that looks for the best interest of her daughter and through the guidance of the Hispanic Foundation they gave us the skills, resources, and confidence to conquer mathematics.

HFSV: How has our Parent Engagement Academy helped you as a mother and member of the community?

Araceli: PEA allowed me to learn more about the U.S. school system. I learned a lot about how to have an active voice in schools.

HFSV: What advice would you give to parents that are thinking of getting involved with our organization?

Araceli: Never stop learning. Always continue to help your children at any educational level.

As her daughter approaches the 9th grade, Araceli continues to arm herself with the necessary skills and resources to better prepare Stephanie for college. Over the summer Stephanie and Araceli will begin to visit college. campuses.