Empowering Students through Biomed and Space Camps!

By: Gisela Angulo July 31, 2023

In collaboration with Calculus Roundtable (CR), we are supporting Aerospace and Biomedical programs for students in the Ravenswood City School District, Redwood City, and North Bay areas. 

With a focus on learning through curiosity and exploration, CR’s Space Camp offers lessons from scientists and astronomers of color from various Universities across the globe, as well as NASA’s own Jet Propulsion Lab. Similarly, as part of the Biomedical program, students are guided through various hands-on activities that encourage them to draw connections between natural sciences and medical technology.

During the last week of Summer instruction, our HFSV team was able to visit students participating in these programs at Los Robles-Ronald McNair Academy in East Palo Alto. 

Students recreated the DNA of individuals with varied phenotypes, drawing similarities and differences between the individual chains. With these additional resources, students have the opportunity to explore STEM-related careers that they may not have been exposed to before. 
We are thrilled to continue supporting Calculus Roundtable’s transformative programs that inspire and encourage our students to soar into limitless possibilities. You can learn more about our STEM initiatives and programs here.