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The Impact of Mentorship on First-Generation Latino College Students

By: Gisela Angulo March 26, 2024

Through the Conexiones Mentorship Program, Ivan Hernandez, a Latinos in Tech Scholar, was matched with Virginia Puccio, an experienced tech entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of Fuel AI and visionary leader.

“Being a mentor to the next generation brings me great fulfillment. I highly encourage anyone with available time in their schedule to consider becoming a mentor as well. It’s a rewarding experience that fosters personal and professional development for both mentor and mentee alike.” Virginia Puccio

Over the five-month program, they shared a transformative journey. Guided by Virginia’s mentorship, Ivan navigated the complexities of the tech industry, honed his skills, and empowered him to grow and thrive personally and professionally.

As their journey ends, Ivan is poised for success and grateful to Virginia for her support. Their story showcases the power of mentorship and reassures us of our commitment to equipping our scholars with the necessary tools, skills, and networks to thrive as professionals, preparing them for immediate success and long-term career advancement.

“Virginia’s unwavering guidance, support, and wisdom have not only helped me navigate challenges but have also inspired me to reach for the stars. Her leadership, resilience, and compassion have been a guiding light, empowering me to grow and thrive personally and professionally.” Ivan Hernandez

The Conexiones Mentorship Program 2023 Fall Cycle has concluded with 15 successful mentor-mentee matches, and we’re excited to launch the Spring Cycle later this month.