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Partnerships that cultivate curiosity for STEM

By: Gisela Angulo March 26, 2024

The 23-24 school year is finishing strongly! Our winter-spring quarter STEM programs will engage over 120 middle and elementary school students in hands-on activities, fostering curiosity in science, coding, and math from an early age.

This impact on Silicon Valley Latinos has been possible through our successful partnership model, built on an ecosystem of collaboration with other nonprofit organizations that deliver to our community excellent programming in their area of expertise. Like our long-lasting partnership with Calculus Roundtable, which has supported us in introducing innovative STEM initiatives like Girls Mathletes Clubs, K-3 STEM exploration programs, and Think Like a Video Game Designer course to students of over ten schools at five school districts across Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.  

This collaborative approach not only expands our reach to underserved communities but also ensures that together, we can make a meaningful difference in bridging the gap in STEM education and enabling every child to reach their full potential; we look forward to many more years of collaboration.