Latino Board Leadership Academy Class XXII Documents

Here you will find presentations, homework, and other materials when available.

LBLA Class XXII Schedule

Session 1LBLA Fellow Orientation and Introduction to the Foundation – Presentation

Session 2 – History of Silicon Valley’s Nonprofit Sector

Paradox Article – Please review, it will be discussed in class.

Session 3 Board Roles and Responsibilities – Nonprofit Board Essentials – Presentation

Session 4Financial Responsibilities – Presentation

Understanding Financial Responsibilities – Handouts

Session 5 Boards in Action – Presentation

Boards in Action Handout – Case Study


1. Review the material from Boards Roles and Responsibilities session (5 – 20 minutes)

2. Read the case studies and make some notes for yourself that you can bring to the discussion (10-30 minutes)

Follow Up Resources

Follow up resources from the last session: 

Board Resources.docx

Nelson will continue to add comments to the case study headlines document.  Also, there are two more case studies that you can review and add your questions or notes.  Nelson will comment on them as well.  

LBLA – Boards in Action Case Study headlines

Session 6 Getting Ready To Choose a Nonprofit Board – Slides

Pre-work and for the next session:

Reflection questions on what board you would like to join. (7 – 20 minutes)

Please bring your reflections to next week’s session.

Go To Questions questions to understand an organization and the board. – for Board Match Night

Session 7Board’s Role in Sustainability – Slides


  • Review your notes and info from the finance session (10-30 minutes)
  • Read and take down notes on the sustainability case study attached (10 – 30 minutes)
  • Review the slides from the Boards in Action and Boards Roles and Responsibility session (three duties; roles/responsibilities) (10 – 20 minutes)

Follow up from previous weeks

Nelson will add comments to the case study headlines document. Also, there are two more case studies that you can review and add your questions or notes. Nelson will comment on them as well. Please add any additional thoughts.

Follow up Resources from the last session can be found here:

Session 8 – Personal Branding HOMEWORK

Take Charge of Your Brand – Workbook, please have this open during the session.

Please click here for the assignment/assessment – Have this ready to discuss during the session.

Read the instructions carefully.

*This survey will be discussed and reviewed during the personal branding workshop.

If you don’t complete this assignment, you will not maximize the workshop experience and learning.

Session 9 – Fundraising Responsibilities

Maximizing Your Role as a Board Member: The AAA Way – Presentation slides

AAA Opportunity Check List – Please have this available to discuss in class

Session 10 – Board Match Night

List of Registered Nonprofits