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Guisselle Nuñez is a dynamic, hands-on, and insightful personal brand expert who provides participants with bite-sized, quick, and easy techniques to help them weave personal branding into their daily professional and personal actions. Mrs. Nuñez, a seasoned, marketing, and communications professional, has taken her personal experience of building and managing her personal brand in the face of many challenging personal and professional situations and has developed a unique curriculum, techniques, and insights into personal branding. In her effort to expand her reach and help more people reach their professional and personal goals (with a special emphasis on helping Latina professional women), for over a decade, she has taught workshops on personal branding and has taken that knowledge and poured it into her book “Take Charge of your Brand.” She conducts marketing and personal branding workshops for private, public, and non-profit sector clients. Her experience as a speaker also includes keynote speeches, panels, and as an Emcee for fundraising events.

Born in Nicaragua, and raised in San Jose, CA, she is also fluent in Spanish. Guisselle is not only a graduate of Santa Clara University but she is a member of its Board of Regents

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