Summer 2019 Program Recap

By: HFSV September 20, 2021

The Hispanic Foundation College Success Center (HFCSC) is the cornerstone of our educational excellence initiative that encapsulates our “cradle to career” strategy. The HFCSC primary objectives are to contribute to higher high school graduation rates, improve college readiness, increase student, and parent knowledge about the college journey thus growing the number of students attending and graduating from college and increasing the number of Latinos employed in the high tech industry.

The HFCSC provides a myriad of college-related information and resources including STEM classes, computer literacy, academic enrichment, college application guidance, coding, parent engagement, leadership training, and financial literacy. Our successful partnership model is built on an ecosystem of collaboration with other nonprofit organizations who are subject area experts and deliver excellent programming in their area of expertise to our audience — all in one place, our centers.

Elevate Math

This summer, over 80 8th grade students from our partner schools Downtown College Prep and Voices Franklin McKinley, improved their math skills by preparing for their upcoming Common Core math classes through the Elevate [Math] program. This not only helped improve their math abilities but increased their overall confidence in the classroom.

Nutrition Workshop 

Over at Hillview Library, dedicated moms gathered around making yogurt parfaits as part of ourNutrition Workshop. This six-week course welcomed parents to learn the ins and outs of healthy eating in an affordable and accessible manner. Each week tackled a different food concern and included a food demo for a real hands-on experience.

Clifton StrengthsFinder Workshop

What better way to prepare for senior year than with a Clifton Strengths Finder Workshop! Rising seniors had the opportunity to take an assessment designed to identify their unique top five strengths and apply them to their college application essays! SAT Test Prep Bootcamp Students at Downtown College Prep prepared for their upcoming SAT by attending a two week SAT Test Prep Bootcamp. With the help of the expert teacher, Carmen Reyes, students were able to build confidence in their test-taking skills to increase their SAT scores. Through practice tests and class curriculum, students were able to see an increase of 20 points!

With your continued support, we’ll continue our work to provide educational opportunities for our Silicon Valley Latinx community.

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