Sintia is the Fund Development Assistant of the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley. As FDA, she provides general administrative support to HFSV’s Strategic Fund Development needs aligning with our mission.

She is a Latina with solid roots in San Jose, California. She is the first in her family to have completed college with a degree in Economics and Public Policy with a minor in Math. Sintia is interested in how data influences policy and other decision-making efforts and the power of using data to tell a story to drive change.

Before joining HFSV, Sintia worked with the Country of Santa Clara as an intern for the Public Defenders Office, Healing Grove as the Pandemic Aid Manager, Sacred Heart Community Service as a COVID-19 Communications Specialist, and most recently as an intern for SV@Home. All of these experiences have helped to expand her knowledge and skill set. Additionally, these experiences have allowed her to give back to the Latino community and do her part in assisting and advocating for underrepresented and marginalized communities.