Partner Spotlight: Dr. Roxanne Ocampo, CEO of Quetzal Mama

By: HFSV September 27, 2021

Inside Latinx Students, Parents, & Community Navigating Through COVID-19

The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley switched to online workshops, bootcamps, and classes within the first weeks of sheltering in place. One of our key program partners in that process was Dr. Roxanne Ocampo, Founder & CEO of Quetzal Mama. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Ocampo would fly from San Diego to meet with our Latinx students and conduct college essay writing bootcamps. In this Partner Spotlight Director of Programs, Lisa Anna Dominguez, connects with Dr. Ocampo as she offers insights into the lives of students, parents, and community as we continue to navigate through this pandemic.

It is too early to know the final impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on the Silicon Valley Latinx community. However, the impact on low-income Latino students has been significant, and in the long run, could be crippling. Most Latinx students attend public schools under-resourced with technology such as laptops, wi-fi access, and other needed technologies. Additionally, Latinx families often live in neighborhoods that have poor in-home wi-fi access.

Much like the loss of knowledge experienced by Latinx students during the normal summer break, the current “shelter in place” and pandemic will widen the academic achievement gap even more. The families we serve do not have access to equitable educational services and resources.

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