One Year Empowering Latino Families

By: Gisela Angulo March 19, 2024

We celebrate the first year of our program coordinators at the Foundation!

They have significantly contributed to our organization and the Silicon Valley Latino Community in a year.

Evelyn Rojas has exemplified unwavering dedication and passion for serving our community in East San Jose. Through her visionary leadership, she has spearheaded pivotal parent and student engagement initiatives that have impacted countless families. Evelyn’s proactive approach has broadened our outreach efforts, introducing invaluable digital and financial literacy programs that have empowered our community members with essential skills.

Paola Campos has made an indelible mark on our organization through her exemplary leadership and innovative approach to community outreach. Paola’s strategic vision has led to establishment of vital partnerships and the organization of impactful STEM-exposure events, opening doors of opportunity for countless individuals. Furthermore, her dedication to strengthening our Girls Empowerment programs has fostered a culture of inclusivity and empowerment among Latino youth.

Cheers to Evelyn Rojas and Paola Campos on their first work anniversary. Thank you for your outstanding contributions, and here’s to our organization’s continued growth and success.