Latinx Leadership in Motion

By: HFSV September 27, 2021

The LBLA Chat is a new video series where we connect with one of our Latino Board Leadership Academy Senior Fellows. The LBLA trains Latinx professionals on how to be successful board members of nonprofit organizations. With over 400 Senior Fellows to date, we continue to pave the way for Latinx leadership in our region. This interview series gives you a glimpse into the lives of Latinx leaders by unveiling their passion, interest, and desire to improve the quality of life for all Latinos one conversation at a time.

In this video, we welcome Dora Beyer, a 2019 Class XIII Senior Fellow, who was recently appointed to serve as a board member forCEN – Center for Excellence in Nonprofits. Dora shares with us how the LBLA sparked her interest in joining a board and the importance of creating safe spaces to discuss cultural backgrounds. Although she initially had doubts about being able to serve as an effective board member, LBLA and CEN have made it clear that board service is not just about writing a $5,000 check. There is a tremendous value LBLA senior fellows bring to the table which includes cultural competency, education, and experience in expressing the voices of the community they seek to serve.  

If you would like to apply to be part of the next LBLA cohort, click here. If you are a nonprofit organization looking for Board Members, click here to sign up for the next Board match Night happening from March 29th    to April 1st from 6pm – 8pm.