Latino Board Leadership Academy Fellow at work

By: HFSV September 28, 2021

Latino Board Leadership Academy Fellow at work

The LBLA Chat is a new video series where we connect with one of our Latino Board Leadership Academy Senior Fellows. The LBLA trains Latinx professionals on how to be successful board members of nonprofit organizations. With over 450 Senior Fellows to date, we continue to pave the way for Latinx leadership in our region. This interview series gives you a glimpse into the lives of Latinx leaders by unveiling their passion, interest, and desire to improve the quality of life for all Latinos one conversation at a time. 

In this video, we welcome Carlos Quezada, a 2013 Class III Senior Fellow. Carlos is a Latino who’s been in tech over the past 20 years at Hewlett Packard – Aruba. Since attending LBLA, Carlos has pivoted his focus to applying what he learned in the academy to Employee Resources Groups (ERGs). Carlos mentions, “When you take a look at the ERG structure, it is very similar to a nonprofit board structure. LBLA prepares you for both.”

Just like LBLA’ers, we all play an important role in our community. Whether it’s participating as a board member, leading an ERG, or as Latinx professionals in the workplace, we are all leaders in our own right. LBLA provides you with tools to hit the ground running and educates you on how to express your voice for the greater good of the Latinx community in Silicon Valley.

To learn more about LBLA click here.

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