June 2020 Newsletter

By: HFSV September 27, 2021

June 2020 Newsletter

Message from the CEO – Ron Gonzales

The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley is reminded of the challenges we face ahead in education as we enter into summer 2020. Every year there is summer learning loss which is the loss of academic skills and knowledge in math and reading. Now, due to COVID-19 and early school closures there is much research that indicates summer learning loss will double this year and has the potential to undo one year’s worth of learning for our youth. Learn more about what we are doing to help remedy this challenge in this video.

Latinos in Technology Initiative

Congratulations to our Graduating LITSI Scholars! & The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley congratulates 63 Latinos in Technology Scholarship recipients who are graduating this month. As they open a new chapter in their lives, we are reminded about the need to diversity Silicon Valley’s high tech industry and how our scholars are paving the way for generations to come.

To view our Latinx Scholar Chat click here.

To learn more about this initiative click here.

Parent Spotlight 

Marcelina shares her perspective on our Parent Education Academy offered at St. Joseph’s Cathedral while her daughter, Vanessa, gets involved our Girls Who Code Club. Marcelina expressed a gained appreciation for technology usage: “As a parent, I have learned so much about technology over these past few months and realize how it is more important than ever to adapt and learn through technology alongside our children. Click here to read full article.

Girls Who Code: St. Joseph Cathedral and Ravenswood Middle School Graduation

The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley team congratulates the St. Joseph Cathedral’s and Ravenswood Middle School students for completing our very first virtual 8-week  Girls Who Code  Club!

We also want to thank our Girls Who Code workshop facilitators Sofia Pando and Carly Tompkins, guest speaker Marieli Rubio (LITSI Scholar), for instilling in students the importance of STEM.

Parent Education Academy

The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley has served over 390 parents through its Parent Education Academy. Our Parent Education Academy is composed of workshops from three key program partners: the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) , Family Engagement Institute, and United Through Education – Familias Unidas.Executive Director of PIQE Santa Clara, Libier Gonzalez, shares her perspective on the shift to a virtual mindset of Latinx parents, and key lessons moving forward. Click here to read full article.

Latino Board Leadership Academy

With just a few days to graduation, this week 30 fellows from LBLA Class XVI connected in our virtual nonprofit match night with 14 nonprofits in Silicon Valley that are recruiting board members.

LBLA Board Match Night is an opportunity for representatives from nonprofits to meet LBLA fellows who are eager to serve on a nonprofit board, to learn about each other and evaluate a potential fit .The Hispanic Foundation holds this event twice a year . Click here to learn more

Convening and Engaging

The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley invites you to join us for our second Latinx Speaker Series on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, virtually for a candid conversation with Latinx Venture Capitalists. Come listen to a panel of Latinx venture capitalists and gain insight to what it’s like to be in their world. Whether you are a curious community member, an entrepreneur in search of funding, or an industry expert, we are coming together to celebrate the success of our Latinx community and strategize towards a better Silicon Valley. To learn more click hereTo purchase tickets click here.

The Hispanic Foundation Ball is more than just a party. Funds raised at the Ball account for over 20% of the revenue of the organization and support all of our programs. The Ball also provides an opportunity to celebrate the successes of the Latinos in Technology Initiative and all Latinos in Silicon Valley. Please email Clara Roa at  to learn how you can be a supporter this year.

Special thanks to those who have committed to support our organization this year:

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