Get to know Raul Ceja

By: HFSV September 28, 2021

The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley (HFSV) hired Raul Ceja, this month, three years ago. Raul is a San Benito County native and has a passion for storytelling. He’s helped create robust marketing campaigns and has increased HFSV’s online presence.  In this article, Raul shares with us what he’s learned about an organization supported, managed, and led by Hispanic leaders in Silicon Valley.

Here is what he has to say in his own words:

Being part of the HFSV has allowed me to have such a profound appreciation for our Latinx community. I have never met so many Latinx professionals in my life with such an array of cultural, professional, and personal experiences. I am always delighted to see so many people with a common goal to improve the quality of life for our community in Silicon Valley. The Latino Board Leadership Academy is a true testament to the power of the Latinx community.

Here is a bit more about Raul:

How has your experience been like in Silicon Valley?

Being from a small town and transitioning to a much bigger region I can say that it definitely takes time to adjust. I am greatly appreciative for all the new experiences and all of the new relationships I’ve had over the past three years. 

What’s your favorite show to binge watch?

I am a sucker for reality shows, especially the kind filled with a ton of drama. I can binge watch “Love Island” for hours. I also love watching movies. Some of my favorites are Prometheus, Training Day, Ace Ventura, and Billy Madison. If I could, I would watch movies and shows all day. 

Are you a cat or dog person?

I am both a cat and dog person but lean a little bit closer to dogs. I don’t have a dog of my own just yet but we have our lovely family dog. 

What’s your dog’s name and why?Our dog’s name is Chiquita. My dad decided to name her Chiquita because it was the only way to best describe her. She is just a bundle of joy.

What’s it like as the Marketing and Communications Manager at the HFSV?

It is incredible when we share stories of scholars, parents, students, or LBLA’ers. The impact of the HFSV’s mission is tangible and I not only get to see it first hand but am responsible for sharing those experiences. With continuously improving and fine tuning the craft, I’m excited to share even more stories in the near future.  

What do you look forward to with Hispanic Foundation this year?

I’m looking forward to the Hispanic Foundation Celebration this year and hopefully returning to the Hispanic Foundation Ball next year, once we are out of this pandemic. It’s so amazing to host and be in the room with such impactful Latinx professionals in Silicon Valley.  

The HFSV is fortunate and proud to have Raul Ceja as part of the team. We can truly say he’s helped elevate the brand’s awareness and engagement during his time here. We look forward to our continued collaboration.