Brief Bios of Latinx Venture Capitalists

By: HFSV September 27, 2021

Brief Bios of Latinx Venture Capitalists

Very seldom our Latinx community comes together to celebrate our accomplishments in Silicon Valley. The Latinx Speaker Series is about two objectives. Firstly, it’s to bring together the various sectors of our Silicon Valley Latinx community such as: high-tech, education, government, and much more. Secondly, it’s to pull the curtains back and explore how different parts of our community are managed through the words of exciting expert speakers.

Whether you are a curious community member, an entrepreneur in search of funding, or an industry expert, we are coming together to celebrate the success of our Latinx community in Silicon Valley.

You are invited to join us on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 for a candid conversation with Latinx Venture Capitalists via online.

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