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Is the quality of life diminishing for Latinx families in Silicon Valley?

By: HFSV December 14, 2021

Then and Now: The 2018 Latino Report Card

On Friday, December 10, 2021, the Silicon Valley community gathered to discuss the reality of the quality of life of the Latinx community in our region in comparison to 2018. The impact of COVID-19, which has lasted more than 20 months now, has exacerbated the many challenges the Latinx community was already facing. Yet, there was a feeling of optimism, resilience, and grit in the presentations. Tenacity and adversity for this community, generally speaking, comes with the territory, but is it enough to turn the tide?

In anticipation of the 2023 Latino Report Card, our panel consisted of Daniel Cedeño , Leslye Corsiglia, Gina Dalma, Mary Ann Dewan, Ph.D., and Karla Rodriguez Lomax who gave us a glimpse into how Latinos were faring in Silicon Valley across the following quality of life domains: Education, Health, Financial Stability, Housing, and Environment. We touched on topics such as the housing crisis, Latino high school dropout rates, and the health status of our people. The data was not good. 

This is why we, at the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, are more committed than ever to continue working on empowering the lives and futures of Latinos in Silicon Valley through community philanthropy, investment in educational excellence, leadership development, and the convening and engaging of the region’s dynamic Hispanic community.

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