2019 Family Engagement Institute Graduation

By: HFSV September 21, 2021

2019 Family Engagement Institute Graduation

Family Engagement Institute (Foothill Community College)

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, eleven parents graduated from the HFSV Parent Engagement Academy (PEA) at Sunrise Middle School in San Jose. This program was offered in partnership with the Family Engagement Institute (FEI) at Foothill College. The Parent Engagement Academies offered by the HFSV, in partnership with FEI and the Parent Institute for Quality Education, are 8-week workshops, where parents learn about the process and structure of the public school system, how to serve as an advocate for their children’s education, the importance of a high school and college education. Also, they develop a sense of investment in their children’s education through personal involvement and by fostering a positive learning environment.  In fall of 2019, HFSV has supported 207 PEAs in both Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties

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